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Service Portfolio

At Network Nutrition we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service which begins the first time you contact one of our team and continues even after your new product is on shelves and giving you increased sales.  Our service portfolio includes:

Formulation Assistance
Our technical and regulatory team is expert at providing guidance to your formulators.  We can work within your parameters to create unique, effective formulations and even whole product ranges.  Whether you know exactly what ingredients you wish to include or only vaguely what indications you wish to address, we can work with you to develop your products.

Technical Support
We are leaders in our industry in the provision of highly detailed technical information not only for our own products, but also for phytochemical and biological actions.  All our products are backed by comprehensive technical packages complete with all the evidence you will need.  Any technical queries that may arise are always a pleasure for us to answer, and we love to show off our unrivalled technical knowledge!

Regulatory Advice
Our close working relationship with the TGA provides us with intimate knowledge of industry regulations which means that we are able to guide you through any regulatory issues or obstacles you encounter.  You can be confident that Network Nutrition products meet all relevant regulations which gives you the ability to take a product to market faster whilst maintaining compliance.

Quality Management System
Since our inception we have prided ourselves on our approach to delivering quality products that you will love, that are trouble-free and which represent tremendous value.  To cement this quality position, the Network Nutrition range is backed by independent analytical testing in Australian Government licensed laboratories.  This data is shared with you and can significantly reduce your business expenditure and save you lots of time and countless headaches!

Contact us for a chat to find how we can assist you today!