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Ryan accepting the award

Network Nutrition, part of IMCD wins CMA Quality Raw Material Supplier of the Year for the third year in a row.

At its 15th Annual Industry Awards dinner, Complementary Medicines Australia announced Network Nutrition-IMCD as the Quality Raw Material Supplier of the Year for the third year in a row. “It is an incredible honour to be accepting this award. 

We have worked even harder this year and to be recognised amongst such dedicated competition in this industry acknowledges the efforts of the Network Nutrition-IMCD team”, says Ryan Gorman, Brand Director, Network Nutrition-IMCD. This 2014/2015 award rates Network Nutrition-IMCD as a leading global quality ingredients supplier.  

The recipient of this prestigious award is required to meet the following criteria;

(a)     Represent quality raw materials

(b)     Support product with quality information and research

(c)     Introduction of innovative new raw materials

(d)     Excellence in customer service, and

(e)     Contribution to the complementary medicines industry above their business requirements. 

Network Nutrition-IMCD was able to substantiate the above criteria with academic publications, evidence of education and industry contributions.  With the integration into the global giant IMCD in October 2013, and IMCD’s expert supply chain and stakeholder reach, it is clear that Network Nutrition-IMCD has now moved into the next phase of brand sophistication. 

Network Nutrition-IMCD reached its ten-year anniversary in 2014.  Upon reflection of the decade of work, it is clear that it is representative to dedication of achieving quality throughout. Through the recruitment of passionate and ethical staff in the complementary medicine sector, every day the people are focused on delivering the highest standard of botanical medicines on this planet. Leading into the eleventh year, Network Nutrition-IMCD will continue to achieve global presence representing Australia in outstanding thought leadership.

With the existing presence of IMCD in Europe and a reach that expands into Asia, South America and Africa, Network Nutrition is also moving into those exciting emerging markets.

The Network Nutrition-IMCD story is about ‘Quality’ and we are seeking to redefine this word with supporting evidence.“It is arguable that the term ‘Quality’ is evidently overused in the Complementary Medicine sector internationally. Logically, it is not possible that every industry participant has ‘the highest quality’, although almost all lay that claim. In our experience, the word ‘Quality’ is often exactly that, just a word, empty of substance to support the claim. IMCD, through its specialised herbal extract business unit Network Nutrition-IMCD, delivers on its statement of quality, through the Network Nutrition-IMCD Product Quality Guarantee,” says Mr Gorman.  

The Product Quality Guarantee includes:

-  Rigourous and routine extraction site auditing and qualification.

 -  Independent analytical verification of every batch of a Network Nutrition-IMCD ingredient, in Australian TGA-licensed laboratories.

-  Out-Of-Specification minimisation and elimination.

-  Complete product transparency, traceability and audit trails.

-  Specialist product support and application guidance from highly qualified (and approachable) industry professionals. 

At Network Nutrition-IMCD the quality position is taken extremely seriously by instilling strict standards in the Network Nutrition-IMCD people and products. There is a strict policy not to compromise on the quality position; this will lead to becoming the foremost provider of real quality herbal extract ingredients in the industry today. Network Nutrition-IMCD is leading the way to ensure the quality and purity of herbal medicines, from their exhaustive testing processes, Chemometrics initiation, and the development of the Network Nutrition Programme for Adulteration Detection (NPAD). This ensures that premium quality, safe and efficacious botanical ingredients are available in the market place today.

With the launch into the UK and European markets, they have extended their expertise to lift the profile and quality of Australian Botanical Ingredients companies globally.