By Network Nutrition

We’re delighted to announce the newest addition to the Network Nutrition Plantfolio – please meet EquiSil™ – our all-natural plant-based silica coming from Equisetum arvense (Horsetail).

After 7 years spent in R&D phase, we’re pleased to finally share EquiSil™ with the world!

EquiSil™ delivers silica in biogenic, amorphous, nano-form and the proprietary production process retains the important bioactive polysaccharides fraction which is responsible for the uptake of silica from the environment and preservation in the plant in stabilised form, and will support ‘download’ of silica in the human system.

Suitable for use in food and dietary supplements formulations addressing beauty-from-within, bone, brain health and more, we’re excited about the many and varied health applications that EquiSil™ can accommodate.

A low dose of 100-400mg, providing 10-40mg biogenic amorphous silica, translates to excellent cost-in-use and broad possibilities for co-formulation.

EquiSil™ will be on display at next month’s Vitafoods Asia exhibition in Bangkok, then again at SupplySide West Las Vegas in October. If you’re attending be sure to visit us at the IMCD stand to learn more, but if you can’t wait until then you can reach out to your local IMCD contact at any time for more details on this wonderful new ingredient.