Institut Cochin

By Network Nutrition

Paris-based independent research institute, Institut Cochin of Paris, has just published their most recent scientific research into herbal melatonin activity and action on human cell line melatonin receptors. They analysed 25 different plant species from plant extract producers around the world and the results pertaining to Network Nutrition Prosomnial™ are remarkable.

Findings of the research indicate that;

  • Prosomnial™ is the only herb out of the 25 analysed that is active on both of the melatonin receptors tested.
  • Since Prosomnial™ was the only herb that delivered meaningful innate, natural melatonin content, it was as effective as synthetic melatonin (dose for dose) in the receptor pathways employed in this research.
  • Unlike synthetic melatonin, Prosomnial™ delivered an up-regulating or potentiating effect on melatonin from within the extract itself, alluding to a marked synergistic effect from the plant chemical matrices that exists naturally within Prosomnial™. This means that other chemistry within Prosomnial™ is encouraging melatonin within Prosomnial™ to be more effective than melatonin taken in any other form.

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