Network Nutrition turns 19

By Network Nutrition

HIP HIP HOORAY!!! Network Nutrition turns 19 Today!!!

Who would have thought when we came alive on this day 19 years ago, that a seemingly short 19 years later we’d be in over 50 countries with 160 high #quality #plantbased active #nutraceutical #ingredients, with 21 of those now emanating out of our Clinical+Branded Product Group.

We’ll be celebrating this wonderful milestone with a new product launch just around the corner. There’s a hint for you in the image. Correct guesses win themselves a piece of our birthday cake!!! ????

We’re humbled and grateful for the support of our customers and colleagues who allow us to continue doing great work and designing and developing better and better ingredients every day! The extremely dedicated team behind Network Nutrition sends you ALL an enormous thanks!

We live our mission of More, Better Products, Faster, and the smiles on your faces when you experience our products is all the reward we could ask for!

We’re off to blow out the candles now, and get the drum roll ready for our up-and-coming launch! Stay tuned!
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