New Zealand’s Innovation Expo

By Network Nutrition

Network Nutrition will be at Natural Health Products New Zealand’s Innovation Expo in Auckland this Thursday 16 November sharing new news on Kavaton® – Grown AND processed within the pristine islands of the Republic of Fiji, Kavaton® is made from FRESH Noble-variety Kava root, is ultra-low in flavokawain B, and has one of the cleanest contaminant profiles (heavy metals, pesticides, etc) of any of the 160 quality plantbased active nutraceutical ingredients we produce.

We’ll have limited availability of our new Pineapple-Coconut flavoured Kavaton® Effervescent tablets so be sure to seek out Brand Director Ryan Gorman (you can’t miss him; he’s the very first presenter of the day), or one of your other IMCD colleagues at the Expo, and make sure to give it a try!

We look forward to seeing all you Beautiful People in Beautiful New Zealand!