Rhodiola rosea

By Network Nutrition

With the recent ascension of Rhodiola rosea to the CITES List (Appendix II), supply chains have been thrown into a spin.

All shipments of Rhodiola rosea raw material and concentrated extracts must now be accompanied by a valid CITES permit, otherwise they won’t be allowed exit and entry during cross-border commerce.

All grades of Network Nutrition’s RhodioReal™ are fully configured with the necessary permits, so supply is continuing uninterrupted.

RhodioReal™ puts the REAL back into Rhodiola, with the herb having long suffered issues with adulteration and substitution. Several layers of comprehensive botanical identification techniques ensure RhodioReal™ is true Rhodiola rosea, every time.

All RhodioReal™ grades are compliant with European Union regulations for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) and these contaminants are also monitored in every batch to ensure they meet California Prop 65 limits.

Contact your local IMCD Network Nutrition product expert today, ask for RhodioReal™, and enjoy a happy supply chain!