Complementary Medicines Australia’s Innovation Day in Sydney

By Network Nutrition

Maximum Kudos to our beloved R&D Manager Dr Suresh Govindaraghavan who was able to convey the importance of transparency, traceability, quality and safety of Kavaton® via his presentation at Complementary Medicines Australia’s Innovation Day in Sydney today.

Dr. Suresh’s presentation met with incredibly positive feedback from conference delegates. We’re committed to continuing research, innovation, discovery and education so that brands that formulate with Kavaton® can wear the badge of honour as the most dissected, critiqued and studied Kava for any supplement product.

Only Kavaton® utilises fresh green Kava roots for the purpose of transparency and traceability. Brands containing Kavaton® can trace back to the location and cultivar of their particular batch. This is not possible with dried Kava and underpins the importance of our unique Kavaton® process.

Kavaton® featured again today in the enlightening presentation by Natasha Flynn who spoke about the creation of the first Kavaton® effervescent tablet at Lavida Pharmaceuticals. Kavaton® in effervescent tablets combines convenience with traditional consumption methods – pop a fizzy tablet in water and drink Kavaton® – enjoy the first-stage experience of Kavaton® with the mouth-numbing effects and let the product do the rest. If you missed out on trying the product at the booth today, reach out to your IMCD team to get the inside track.

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